Presentation software is used everyday by instructors to deliver courses in the classroom and online. Well executed they help your students learn but producing them can be a challenge. Most of us end up with slides full of text and little creativity.

This online course will help you fix that.

With 5 Essential PowerPoint Skills Every Instructor Needs to Know we'll show you how to combine adult learning and graphic design principles to avoid common mistakes webinar and online learning instructors make in creating their slides.

Let's get started and change those bullet point lists into polished professional slides.

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What's in the Course?

This course will quickly get you started on basic presentation slide design and the underlying adult learning principles you need to consider in creating your course content and PowerPoint slides.

Module 2: Mastering the Text Box

One of the biggest complaints of students is that there is too much text on a single slide. We know this - it's our biggest complaint too! Find out how to use text boxes to organize and place text on your slide.

Module 4: Eliminate Text and Add Images with Shapes

Your students learn more when text and images are presented together. We'll teach you effective ways to use shapes, images and text to organize your material and help your students learn.


Module 1: Using Images Effectively

There is no doubt that images are an effective learning tool. Poor images don't just make for bad slides they can negatively affect your student's ability to learn. Learn a simple photo editing skill right in PowerPoint to create a feature image.

Module 3: Design Principles for Creating an Awesome Title Slide

The title slide of your presentation can effectively set the tone and expectation for your students. You don't want your course to look cheap, unprofessional or worse - presumed to have low quality content! Learn to apply these four design principles and you'll always have great slides.

Module 5: The Build Effect

Your students can't learn something new if they're presented with too much information all at once. Master the Build Effect and stop overwhelming your students with too much content all at once.

Here's what to expect:

  • 5 introductory lessons presenting adult learning and graphic design principles
  • 5 essential PowerPoint skills needed to create better slides
  • Step-by-step tutorial instructions to master the PowerPoint skills presented
  • Example slides, lots of them, demonstrating the 5 essential skills
  • A challenge to encourage you to practice your new skills
  • Support and feedback through our PowerPoint Essentials private Facebook group

Let us help you create better slides. Join the 5 Essential PowerPoint Skills Every Instructor Needs to Know Online Course.